Wednesday, August 23, 2017
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Our Company


We are committed to providing our customers with the best products on the market, as well as excellent support. Our primary goals are outlined below.

  • To produce high quality skydiving clothing that is custom fit with the customers design specifications
  • To provide professional service for all of our customers
  • To create innovations in skydiving /swooping clothing to fill the niche that emerging disciplines require

What we do

We constantly strive to discover new ways to ensure each style of jumpsuit compliments the discipline of the skydiver. We welcome input from the field and incorporate ideas from our customers to make new and more functional clothing. 

Our team works with great care and attention to detail. Firefly was founded on the premis that each suit manufactured should not only look great, but stand the test of time.

Firefly Unlimited is a leading manufacturer and the choice for most of the top military demonstration teams around the world. Firefly is simply the choice when quality, functionality, durability and service matter.

We make every effort to maintain high standards in communication and customer service. Our primary goal is to make sure that you, (the customer) walk away feeling taken care of and recieved the best service in the industry.



Dan G. / Des Moines, IA
I have been skydiving for over 40 yrs.  I have bought suits from several different Vendors.  Just got measured for a RW suit, Freefly & Swoop Pants,  after seeing Firefly's operation in person. Wow, amazing quality and design. Can't wait to get them. Couch Freak #1 

Kelsey F. / Edmonton, Canada
Picked up a 3-piece freefly/camera suit used recently. Suit construction is awesome, and the camera jacket rocks! I'll definitely order Firefly again, if this suit ever wears out!


Eric P | Miami, FL
Thank you for the great service! I will recomend you to many of my friends! Hope to see you at Couch Freaks.

Miranda | Houston, TX
I have been in the sport for well over 10 years and I have never been fit so nicely for a suit before. I have to say... My ass looks great!

Toni L | LA, CA
Always a pleasure to do business with you. Keep up the great work! 

Ricardo | TeamPullMyFinger
I have flown Firefly Suits since the nineties and absolutely love them.



We've put it off long enough...

We're raising our prices February 14th.

New styles and new forms for the new season!

Anyone wanting to order at current prices will need to do so before the February 14th deadline.

We sincerely appreciate your ongoing business as we continue to evolve in this ever-changing landscape of jumpsuit manufacturing.

Sherry - Firefly Suits

Team Suits

Need a team suit? We know that your team requires attention to detail and may have special requirements. Let us take your custom design and create a flying masterpiece for you and your team. Have sponsors? We can use patches supplied by you or create the patches for you and put them wherever you want.

We'll make sure you and your teammates are fit appropriately based on each individual's body type and flying style. We love to innovate so if you have a cool idea that you would like to incorporate into your suit, just tell us what you want and we will discuss what the options are to fullfil your vision.


Sponsored Teams

Sponsored Teams: Mayhem, Team SOL, more to come... 

Mission Statement

Our goal is to provide our customers with best skydiving jumpsuits and are committed to continue innovations in jumpsuit technology.

Quoted : Sherry Jones-Jasnos